7 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

7 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Have you renovated the interior of your home and still think there is something missing? Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to sell? If either of these applies to you then perhaps you need to begin looking at your home’s exterior; you can increase the kerb appeal of your home and also its valuation by doing so. Today I will give you some good things to consider if you are not sure how to improve your home’s exterior.

You may not even know what your options are for transforming your home’s exterior; there are options such as a new porch, new doors or windows or adding cladding however there are also some significant improvements you can make for a much smaller price which will also tidy your home up.

Considering your changes

What you can do to improve your home’s exterior does depend on when the home was built. If you live in a home built in the 1980’s you may be limited to smaller changes due to the fact that it may have fake period features and small windows with a low pitched front cable; this in comparison to a 1970’s home or even 1950’s home which you will have more leeway to be creative.

If you are the owner of a large detached house then you will be able to make some major changes, if need be. You can make altercations to the roofline or to the roof tiles along with being able to add a new veranda if you feel the need. If you are wanting to improve the exterior of a more modern home one way to do so can be through adding cladding or even a porch; however sometimes this may not be a good idea in fact some estate agents believe adding cladding or even rendering to a semi or terraced house can end up going from an improvement to a detrimental change.

A lot of changes to your home’s exterior won’t actually need planning permission; unless the house is listed or in a conservation area or has the permitted developments removed. This means you could add a porch or make other altercations to the exterior with ease.

Spruce up the front of your home on a budget

I briefly spoke about smaller priced improvements which can improve your home; in this part of the article I will give you 5 budget improvements for your home’s exterior which will not only add curb appeal but also give any potential guests or buyers a good opinion from the start. After all first impressions are vital!

Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket here and there will give the impression of a well looked after home; ensure you choose a combination of different plants though. Have some that will grow upwards and also some that will grow downwards to add variety to your home’s exterior.

Upward growing plants that will work are things such as geraniums and begonia; if you are struggling for the opposite then check out lobelia and verbena…

Give your front door a makeover

What is one of the first things guest and buyers alike will see when coming to your home? The front door. If you have a gleamingly clean front door with a nice letterbox and door knocker then your home will look immediately more inviting. Painting your front door or even fitting a new one doesn’t take much effort in the scheme of home improvement but does make an immediate impact. In fact according to ‘feng shui’ most of your homes energy enters through your front door; so ensure it is in good condition.

Repairing your window frames

A fresh coat of paint is a good idea for those window frames that are looking outdated and will help to brighten up your home from the outside – you need to also check for signs of spongy wood… Ensure you remove any rotten wood and replace it before you begin painting.

Make your home’s entrance inviting

A thoughtful planting scheme can make all the difference to how your home looks and feels on the outside. How about placing a climbing rose or a scented herb? Or even some fragrant lavender… All of these plants will give our home a feeling of summer and make it a pleasurable place to be.

Painting your exterior walls

If your paint and render has seen better days and taken a hammering through the winter months then now is the perfect time for you to make some changes and much needed repairs. You can go to your local DIY store to allocate the paint. It is a good idea to repoint any brick work too. For any jobs around your home or for exterior you will need some particular DIY Tools, make sure you have exactly what you need whether it being a paint brush set or a handy drill.

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