A List of Common Dishwasher Problems and Fixes

A List of Common Dishwasher Problems and Fixes

Having dishwasher problems? Don't worry; you don't have to go back to hand washing just yet. We can help you diagnose just what problem you are having and how to solve it so you can get back to dish washing in no time.


It's easy enough to tell if you have a leak, but what could be the cause?

Overloading on detergent

Using too much detergent can lead to leaks. You can tell you're using too much if you find there is a soapy residue left in the detergent tray.

Dishes stacked poorly

If you stack dishes improperly or overload your machine, it could lead to a leak. Orderly stacking less dishes is much better than the unorganized, 'wash as much as you can' approach.

Check the seal around the door

You may need a replacement seal if the one you currently have is worn out. The part number for a replacement can be found in your owner's manual.

Pipe connections

The pip connections behind the machine need to be connected tightly and in good condition to avoid leaks.

If none of these are the problem, the bottom of your machine might be rotted; in which case the entire machine will have to be replaced.

Machine not filling with water

If your machine isn't filling with water, your dishes will come out just as dirty as they went in.

The hot water stop valve located under the sink needs to be fully open. If it is and you still aren't getting enough water, the water inlet valve might be clogged and in need of a cleaning. Refer to your owner's manual for instructions. If these steps don't work, you will need the help of a professional repairman.

Machine isn't draining

There's nothing wrong with having a little water leftover in the tub, but if there's too much left, here's what might be happening:

  • The drain hose may be damaged.
  • There might be a blockage somewhere in your drains.

If neither of those are the cause, a new drain pump might be needed. The steps to replace your dishwasher's assembly pump assembly can be found in your owner's manual.

Machine isn't washing properly

If your machine's wash cycle is finished and your dishes still aren't clean, it might be due to improper loading. Don't just throw your dirty dishes into the machine any way they fit. Larger dishes might block water and detergent from reaching the smaller dishes.

If you're sure loading isn't the problem, adding more detergent is another solution. If that doesn't doesn't work you might need to consult with an expert.

Machine isn't taking the detergent

Dishwashers only use the amount of detergent necessary to clean the load being washed. Anything else will be left over, so try using less detergent.

Cold water instead of hot water

If you're getting too much cold water and not enough hot water, check the temperature of the hot water tap by holding a thermometer under it for two minutes. The water temperature should be, at minimum, 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). Turn the dial on the hot water heater up if the temperature is anything less than that.

Machine makes too much noise

Your machine might be making too much noise for a few different reasons: poorly stacked plates; worn out, loose parts, or objects left behind in the machine.

Check the machine once it is fully cold for anything left behind like silverware or bones or anything else.

A "thumping noise might mean the water inlet valve needs replacing. Also, keep the machine on a level surface.

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