3 Home Improvements to Keep Your Family Safer

3 Home Improvements to Keep Your Family Safer

The number one priority for families and homeowners is to stay safe in their own home and keep intruders out.

There are so many things to do at the weekend but make time for some improvements in your home security and you will benefit from added peace of mind and be safe in the knowledge that you have just made it less likely that you could become a victim of crime.

Security lighting

Outside lighting is your first line of defense and an excellent deterrent as most burglars prefer to work under the cover of darkness and try to get into a property undetected.

Take a walk around the boundaries of your property and try to put yourself into the mind of someone who is thinking of breaking in to your property. Look at where the weak and vulnerable points of entry are such as a side door that is largely shielded from public view and also see where someone could get onto your property without being noticed.

Once you have identified the key areas where you need to improve your security, look at fitting some motion detector lights so that they cover all of these areas. Not only will they put a potential thief off if they are suddenly bathed in light but having the lighting will also help you to see what is going on outside without having to resort to using a torch.

If you have a patio or decking area then you can get decorative lights that have built-in motion detectors so you can have some lighting that looks good but also keeps you safer at night.

Indoor lighting

An easy project to get done at a weekend that won’t cost you too much time or money is to fit some timers around the house so that the lighting can be set to come on at various intervals in different rooms, giving the impression you are in even when you are not there.

Consider getting a few timers for lamps and also maybe plug a radio into one of them so that there is some noise in the house if an intruder is checking out the property. Most burglars are opportunists who take advantage of poor security and target properties where the owner is not at home, so get them thinking that you are still there as the lights are on, and they are more likely to pick an easier target.

Fit an alarm system

You could of course decide that having completed the lighting tasks, it is time to put your feet up and enjoy some leisure time. With that in mind, why not consider calling in a professional installer who can organize a survey of your security requirements and give you a quote for monitored alarm system in your property, which will give you a high level of protection and increase your peace of mind.

There does not have to be a lot of disruption to the property either, if you choose a wireless system rather than a hard-wired alarm system then it will be relatively straightforward to install without drilling holes in the wall and channeling in wires.

With a monitored alarm system, you also get the back-up of a 24/7 remote monitoring service so someone is always watching over your property even when you are not there.

It is amazing what you can get done in a weekend and the prospect of improving your home security in the space of a couple of days, is well worth considering.

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