Maintaining a Healthy, Attractive Garden and Lawn On A Budget

Maintaining a Healthy, Attractive Garden and Lawn On A Budget

A nice front lawn is a hallmark of a happy home. People take in the whole picture, not individual elements. This means that every aspect of the yard matters when one is considering renovations and upkeep. Creativity is important when maintaining an attractive lawn on a budget. By strategically placing plants and other items around your yard, you’ll liven up any yard pronto.

Placing Plants in Your Front Yard

Less is more when choosing which plants to place in the front yard. A garden that faces traffic does not need to be as attractive as a private backyard garden. In fact, it may be advisable to keep the prettiest plants out of public view. Plants that are obviously expensive are sometimes stolen or damaged by vandals.

Which plants to place
Edible plants should definitely not be planted in the front yard or placed on the front porch. They will undoubtedly be stolen by animals and passing children. If possible, try placing a variety of colors in and around your lawn, or try planting different bushels of flowers to liven up an area. If the homeowner is set on decorating her lawn with a distinctive plant, they should opt for one decently-sized bush instead of several small plants or clusters of flowers. Another option is to keep several beautiful kinds of flowers inside an attractive gate or miniature fence fixture. The fence becomes a part of the lawn’s look as much as the flowers do.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Circumstances

Few situations are more frustrating than having to replace an expensive item, particularly if it is a defining feature of one’s home. All plants can be uprooted and eaten by animals. A missing plant leaves an empty patch of dirt in the middle of an otherwise green lawn, turning a once attractive feature into an eyesore. The homeowner might decide to play it safe and avoid planting eye-catching bushes or flowers altogether, especially if no one is home to watch the premises during the day.

Try Adding Benches and Other Stationary Objects

Other non-plant objects can be incorporated into the lawn’s aesthetic. For example, a decorative bench could be placed on a large stretch of grass to add visual interest. An antique fountain or bird feeder could serve the same purpose. It would be very easy to go overboard with objects like these, so one must exercise discerning taste. No one wants a front lawn that looks like a sculpture garden. Again, less is more. One distinctive, interesting piece is better than a haphazard assortment of mediocre items. All pieces should be heavy enough to not be easily removed by passersby.

How to Maintaining Your Surrounding Area

Maintaining the grass underneath and around these items is a bit of a challenge. An item like a fountain that rests solidly on the ground can be left where it is, though ideally it should be moved to different patches of grass periodically. Benches are more problematic, since the grass under them is visible, even if it is not receiving much sunlight. Some people choose to place their benches in permanent locations and surround the area underneath them with flowers or other raised objects to hide the undernourished grass. A small garden gate serves this function nicely.

Don’t Forget the Grass!

Of course, the most important feature of a front lawn is healthy, green grass. Even if one decides not to decorate her lawn in any unique way, they should put effort into keeping their grass nice. Grass does not have to be watered according to any particular schedule, which is good news for those hoping to save money on their water bills. Grass needs to be watered when footprints hold their shape for a long time. A watering should last long enough for water to reach the grass‘ roots. To avoid losing water to evaporation, grass should be watered early in the morning.

With a little care and some creativity, anyone can improve the look and individuality of their front lawn.

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