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Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong! Local Tradies is one of the fastest growing and exciting UK platforms for matching Legionella Risk Assessors with customers to complete their household jobs and projects.

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Waterwise Services Ltd

Waterwise Services Ltd

Water Wise Services LTD have been serving customers for over a decade. Our City & Guilds Accredited team carry out Legionella Risk Assessments, Legio...

Location: Wakefield

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Local Idea

Local Idea

Local IDEA provides specialist survey services for both residential and commercial property. The business is operated by Gary Cliffe, a specialist bui...

Location: Bridlington

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AM Water & Plumbing Centre LTD

AM Water & Plumbing Centre LTD

I do : water treatment , cleaning and disinfect water tanks , softener, RO flirtation drinking water, painting, electric, plumbing, flooring, carpent...

Location: london

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I love the simplicity. I get an email with the job, click the link and then I have instant access to the details. Easy!

LangHome Exteriors

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“I have used Local Tradies twice now. I was very impressed with the speed of responses. It's easy to use and would highly recommend it.”

Allison Kelly

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Other lead generation sites make me pay per lead. I like that it's a single small monthly payment.

A & M Roofing